Mission and Strategy

Corporate Mission:
To create long-term shareholder value by delivering unique interactive advertising solutions in the high-growth mobile advertising industry.


To be the market leader in our niche area of mobile video advertising.



Seek Rapid Growth by focusing on selected geographic markets: Certain markets such as Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Africa and India will provide Urban Marketing with opportunities for high growth, as these markets are expected to continue experiencing rapid expansion and utilization of new telecommunications technology;

Improve Profitability through operational efficiencies: Urban Marketing Limited continuously reviews the possibilities to improve the efficiency of our operations and the opportunity to outsource development and support to regions with competitive cost structures. Urban Marketing Limited shares teams in Japan, China, Australia and the United States in order to cost effectively develop new products and maintain strong control over quality;

Maintaining an optimal and flexible cost structure with low fixed costs: Urban Marketing Limited is committed to maintaining a strong control over fixed and variable costs throughout the organization by the efficient use of personnel, other resources and the continual review of operations with an overall promotion of an entrepreneurial, yet budget-conscious culture.


Innovation, Inventiveness, Creativity, Quality and Professionalism</div%3