The Tapp’nGO advertising platform enables advertisers to run engaging mobile video advertising and promotions through any mobile “touch” devices. These touch points can be smart phones, web enabled tablets, or PCs.

Tapp’nGO’s success is based on providing video viewers with an interactive call-to-action experience, embedded and linked advertising, social media integration and web user analytics.

This enables both content owners and advertisers to monetise this content and deliver interactive branding experiences to any viewer wishing to watch a video on their device. They may access a video through a social media portal, as part of a digital media campaign, or through a standalone online news or entertainment portals.

With Tapp’nGO, the passive viewing experience can now be transformed into an exciting and engaging two way conversation.

For more information about Tapp’nGO please visit www.tappngo.com


The NYNE Sports Apparel Competition is an example of a competition Tapp’nGO Interactive Behaviour (TIB). The viewer clicks on a sports video through their social media portal and gets prompted to answer a call to action as part of a sponsored competition. The video itself is interactive and if they get the question right they can either:watch more of the video, click to an online store, or post the competition to the social media app or webpage.For more Tapp’nGO examples visit www.tappngo.com/examples



Tappn’GO allows comprehensive reporting on all aspects of their interactive video campaignsand advertising usage including:
– Demographics
– Geographical segmentation
– Click Through Rates (CTRs)
– Video Minutes Watched
– Social Media Shares

For more information about Tapp’nGO platform and services please visit www.tappngo.com

Intellectual Property Protection
TappnEd and TappnGo are protected under international and local patent, trademark and copyright laws. See our IP Portfolio page for further details.