Tokyo, Japan 10th of August 2008

Vanten KK has teamed up with Sairis Group KK to deliver the first Veedia powered interactive mobile media solution for digital signage in Japan. By combining the power of the Veedia gateway with Sairis’ patented “MobiActions” platform, mobile phone users may interact directly with content displayed on nearly any digital screen. The fully integrated system has been recently demonstrated for use at the Yodobashi Vision LED screen in one of the busiest locations in Tokyo. EngageMedia with Veedia powered MobiActions provides real-time mobile interactive (audio, video and touchtone) functions to easily deployed media across a wide variety of digital signs.

About MobiActions:
Tim Smith (CEO of Sairis Group) says, “MobiActions seamlessly integrates the mobile web experience with the 3G video. Based on patented call-to-action-control, the MobiActions system guarantees that the viewers WILL experience not only the fun of a cool mobile interactive campaign, but also the BRAND messages which support it. Now with Veedia support we can truly fulfill the dream of 100% interactive media seamlessly bridging the mobile phone and conventional big screen media.”

About Sairis Group:
Sairis Group, KK is an authorized channel partner for Veedia and other Cystelcom products in Asia and Australia and works closely with advertising agencies, solution providers and carriers to develop and integrate new mobile advertising solutions especially centered on the use of 3G video telephony. MobiActionstm is exclusively licensed by Urban Marketing, PTY to Sairis Group, KK for integration, sales and distribution in Japan.

About EngageMedia:
Neil van Wouw (CEO of Vanten K.K.) says, “EngageMedia is an extremely flexible, highly scalable platform for Digital Signage. The ability to manage and schedule spots independently and dynamically allows us to easily integrate with exciting new technology like MobiActions. At the same time we can leverage all the power of EngageMedia to deliver a full blown managed advertising media with turn-key end-to-end operations already in place.”

About Vanten:
Vanten has been delivering enterprise service provisioning and networking solutions in Japan for 10 years, developing the EngageMedia Digital Signage service platform for the last 5 years, and offering EngageMedia as an ASP service for 3 years. Currently, managing about 350 displays ranging from 40” LCD to 450” LED, most of which are delivering HD content over 3G wireless, Vanten is setting the standard for high quality, efficiently run Digital OOH media in Japan.

Sam Wilson (Chief Operating Officer)
Mobile: +61 412 097 771

Tim Smith (Chief Technical Officer)
Mobile: +81 80 3503 0081

Neil Van Wouw (CEO, Vanten)
Phone: +81 3 5919 0266