Tokyo, Japan 15th of July 2008

Activate K.K. and Media Box tie-up to release a new MobiActions 3G promotion and loyalty campaign for the latest Indiana Jones movie release in Japan.

Activate Japan utilizes the unique ‘MobiActions 3G’ interactive video solution in a tie-up with Media Box for an integrated media promotion and loyalty campaign. The campaign allows viewers to dial a 3G video call and access a variety of rich media and interactive games. Users may visit as often as they may like, enjoying premium or ‘sneak peak’ contents while challenging themselves to quiz games about the movie.

MobiActions features patented technology to provide a compelling, interactive experience to the users. The experience is 100% ‘in video’ and requires no downloads, accessory applications or non-standard devices. The user simply dials a regular video call.

“We need to communicate our client’s message to the consumer in effective and unique ways to maintain and drive interest,” says, Tyron Giuliani, Representative Director of Activate K.K.  “Our latest MobiActions application puts our client’s message a simple video call away and literally in the hands of over 60 million consumers in Japan.  We can deliver a digital communication campaign and experience with interactive video that is at the forefront of mobile and digital advertising and marketing “

“Indiana Jones represents an exciting use of our technology and platform, “ remarks Tim Smith, CEO of Sairis Group, the MobiActions platform provider, “ we are pleased to support this project and especially expanding our reach into the mobile advertising sector with strong partners like Activate and MediaBox.”

For additional information on MobiActions Mobile Advertising, please visit or contact Sairis Group, at<@>

The MobiActions campaign may be viewed by video call dialing +81-3-5338-0589 from most 3G handsets.

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