Exhibition Date: 26/27 November 2016 @ Randwick Racecourse, Sydney Australia


Urban Marketing exhibited its new interactive video education and training platform TappnEd www.tappned.com at the the premiere start-up event of 2016 on the weekend of 26-27 November 2016 @StartConHQ “Bonfire of the Unicorns”.


Alongside the expo floor, this year included some of the world’s most sought-after international speakers – with Andrew Chen (Growth @UBER), Elena Verna (SVP Growth @SurveyMonkey), Christopher Lowe (Global Tech Media Specialist @Bloomberg), Chandini Ammineni (Distribution Partner @500Startups).


The event had a great collection of entrepreneurs, inventors, educators, consultants, training organisations, videographers and investors who all had an interest in discussing how they could use  interactive video by TappnEd.


As part of our stand exhibition TappnEd showed the latest in interactive video education and training technology with examples from Surf Lifesaving Australia – interactive video refresher courses on subjects such as board and tube surf rescue training, CPR, spinal management and safe launching of inflatable rescue boats (IRBs). http://www.surflifesaving.com.au/news/slsa-bulletin-new-skills-maintenance-tools/bulletin-01-16-17-new-skills-maintenance-tools.pdf. TappnEd was able to demonstrate how we transformed existing Flash based video content into an interactive video multi device experience where interactive video learning accessed via smart phones, tablets and desktops any time of the day https://platform.tappned.com/course/76 .


Also courses from Designed Learning – one of Australia’s most advanced researchers and providers of literacy and comprehension learning content in the primary and special needs education sector was shown http://designedlearning.com.au/. Check out how existing course content has been taken from a standard PDF or PowerPoint format and converted into a fully responsive interactive video learning course with tap-based smart phone functionality fully supported – now being trialled in Australian schools – see here for the interactive TappnEd video course https://goo.gl/tB4rVj .


Also as part of the festivities @TappnEd (Urban Marketing) participated in the investor pitch event “Light Up The Stage” as Team 60 on Day 1 of the Start-up Pitches 1.30-2.00pm on the Pitch Stage https://www.startcon.com/schedule .


See the TappnEd interactive StartCon Pitch video here https://goo.gl/jKlPYo.

TappnEd allows learners to video interactive video courses on any device