TappnGo™ releases the new iOS app for cycling video upload edition to cover The Haute Route 2013 Alps & Pyrenees cycling tour event.

Sydney, Australia, 22nd August 2013: The TappnGo iOS video app was released this week to allow Haute Route spectators and participants to upload and view user generated video directly from their iPhones.

Download iOS version here:

TappnGo™ allows viewers to answer interactive video call to actions, messages and trivia, upload video directly from their iOS device and share on social media.

Viewers can interact with videos by tapping an answer to an embedded “in-video”  call-to-action, sponsors logo, or even speaking the answer using the “Tapp to Speak” voice recognition option. This allows viewers a greater level of interaction and sponsors to better engage with mobile video viewers.

“The ability to interactively engage with a mobile video viewer has several distinct advantages. Both the viewer and advertiser have stronger experiences, better click through rates, encouraging user choice with the “tapp/dismiss” button reduces video abandonment, enforces message continuity from country to country and global asset reuse.

In addition our voice recognition enabled advertising feature allows hands-free interaction with media but at the same time gives the advertiser the confidence that their message has been viewed and engaged with.

Several advertisers have come on board to try out the new in-video advertising features.

“Companies like Youtube, Yahoo! and NewsCorp have been grappling with how to better engage mobile video viewers and we think we have nailed it – partly due to advances in handset technology, and partly due to our relentless pursuit of this new paradigm of mobile video engagement.” Says Sam Wilson CEO of TappnGo’s parent company Urban Marketing Limited.

“As part of our goal in achieving product superiority in the interactive mobile video segment, TappnGO™ will be capable of embedding interactive advertising on both live TV video feeds and pre-recorded external video feeds when version 2 is released later in 2013. We are really looking forward to the opportunities it brings as it will open up the chance to work with some very exciting media and entertainment properties.”

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TappnGO™ enables advertisers and publishers to run highly interactive mobile video advertising through any web-enabled smart phone or tablet.

TappnGO™ utilises a unique blend of embedded in-video advertising, call-to-actions, and social media integration to more effectively engage viewers in an “immersive” and interactive mobile video experience.

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The Haute Route is ‘The highest and toughest cyclosportives in the world’.

It has 600 determined amateur cyclists: 7 days, 7 timed stages, 7 venues. And runs from mid August to early September 2013



Urban Marketing Limited is the owner / operator of the TappnGo™ brand. Urban Marketing is based in Sydney, Australia.

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Contact: Sam Wilson CEO