Urban Marketing (Australia) launches LiveReactix bureau service

“SMS marketing in Australia has finally come of age with the launch of the LiveReact bureau service” says John Forrester, Urban Marketing’s Australian CEO.

Now it is possible to deploy sophisticated SMS promotions that incorporate high levels of interactivity and marketing value. Marketers can now gain an insight into who is entering their SMS promotions and where. If required, they can even be directed to a web address where their demographics can be captured and analysed to determine campaign success.

Traditionally SMS promotions have been relatively simple affairs mostly used for voting, competition entry or quizzes. Now it is possible to deploy promotions that can support product rating, acquisition & retention, and incentive or loyalty programs.

Urban Marketing is the organisation that is evangelizing this new wireless marketing solution, but it has been a long time coming for the original developers PowerSource who have been designing enterprise level gaming and wagering systems for years.

“The current gap in the market is not allowing marketers to create the stickiness they require for key branding initiatives. Now we can create that stickiness by encouraging high levels of interaction with fun and creative SMS promotions. Let’s give consumers a solid reason to repeat purchase, and consistently reward them for it!” says Sam Wilson, Urban Marketing’s Chief Operating Officer.

The LiveReactix SMS service can be deployed across multiple industry segments including FMCG, media, retail, alcohol, telecommunications, finance, entertainment and wagering.

Urban Marketing provides the whole service including promotion suggestions, prize sourcing and account management for marketers who want to engage in SMS promotions.

Standard SMS competitions can be conducted easily; however the real value is in deploying something a little more interesting and entertaining for the consumer.

For marketers in the FMCG, media or similar areas it is possible to “rate” products in multiple categories or polls within a single SMS, whereas all other SMS methods use multiple short-codes for “yes” or “no” responses. This feature is especially applicable to product sampling, which can be linked to a prize barrel draw or other competition. The great challenge for sampling is getting that immediate feedback on the new product and gauging the consumer’s level of interest. Now that is possible via SMS with LiveReact.

Another use of the rating facility may be in the TV/radio/print industry where users can rank contestants or politicians from 1 to 5 with the results available live. Not only would this allow greater choice for entrants but also would encourage higher usage as entrants would want their favourite choice to win if they were losing.

Promotion chaining is now possible where rules for entering competitions can automatically enter users into multiple chance draws, either in public or private promotions which may come in handy for club membership-type promotions or incentive programs.

There is no doubt wireless marketing is one of the hot topics on the lips of Australian marketers and the development of LiveReact demonstrates this.

It doesn’t stop here though, as further advances in wireless marketing come of age. Soon it will be possible for marketers to demographically target consumers with relevant advertising based on their location and personal preferences through new ands innovative wireless solutions.

Urban Marketing is committed to providing unique value to marketers and telecommunication organisations alike with advanced wireless solutions. “We are very excited about the opportunities available to our customers in the wireless space and are looking forward to the future with anticipation.” says John Forrester, Urban Marketing’s Chief Executive.

Author: Sam Wilson – Urban Marketing COO

About Urban Marketing

Urban Marketing is a provider of premium mobile messaging solutions and services for the Australian and Asia Pacific corporate marketer of the 21st century.

By providing the most innovative and business savvy solutions for marketing and mobile elements, we enable our customers to more effectively market and sell their products in a direct and strategic manner. We use the latest mobile marketing concepts combined with cutting edge enterprise level technology.


About LiveReactix

The LiveReact Bureau is a highly scalable interactive messaging service that allows marketers to deploy and manage sophisticated SMS campaigns which take full advantage of unique technology.

Marketers can run SMS campaigns with the knowledge that new customers can be tracked, campaigns monitored in real-time, loyalty programs linked and brand stickiness encouraged.

Voting, appraisals (ratings), quizzes, barrel draws and multiple other games can be run with pre-set calls to actions to execute automatically.

The LiveReact Bureau has full audit tracking and system checks that allow regulatory guidelines or business rules to be replicated. Business rules can be included in campaigns and run in accordance with preset parameters.

The LiveReact Bureau is the next generation of unique SMS campaign services that enables a much richer level of interaction with customers.

Urban Marketing provides results focused marketing approach incorporating the use of unique technology within a wireless framework.