Sydney, Australia, 15th September 2010


Urban Marketing Limited (ASSOB: UML) has acquired an 11% interest in Sairis Group K.K. (Japan) as part of its Asia Pacific partner strategy along with the signing of a Partner Agreement.

This Partner Agreement formalises the two companies close relationship where Urban Marketing LImited and Sairis Group will both represent the Mobiactions® converged media platform in their respective jurisdictions, under the Mobiactions® and related brands, and will work together to further develop the platform. In addition, it will provide new products and services that will extend Urban Marketing Limited’s regional market reach and depth.

Mobiactions® has been used in Japan for advertising campaigns by MasterCard (NYSE: MA), Paramount Pictures (NYSE:VIA), Quicksilver (NYSE: ZQK) and Toshiba (JP: 6502) under the organisation of Sairis Group KK.

“We are extremely happy to formalise our relationship with Sairis Group as we see this as a significant step in extending our sales and technical capability across the Asia Pacific region. This arrangement will provide access to key technical capabilities and additional converged media products which will provide additional revenue streams to Urban Marketing’s operations.” Says Sam Wilson, Urban Marketing CEO.

“In light of the substantial investments both organisations have made in the advancement of the Mobiactions® brand, technology and intellectual property we look forward to further developing the platform and providing innovative mobile, online and OOHD campaigns and interactive services to brand and content owners throughout the region.

With the entry of Youtube into the call-to-action video advertising market, it reaffirms our belief that we are well positioned to take advantage of the substantial growth in the call-to-action advertising market on mobile and other converged media devices.” Says Wilson.

The Mobiactions® patented platform seamlessly integrates enriched call-to-action media, providing high levels of customer-brand interaction across multiple channels including mobile, online, out-of-home-display (OOHD) and TV. The interactive videocall experience is 100% “in-call” and requires no downloads or additional applications on the handset.

The Mobiactions® platform may be extended across any number of media, thus providing a 360-degree approach to enriched media brand campaigns. Users may experience the action on mobile, PC, outdoor digital (OOHD) and even TV.

“Sairis is excited to partner with Urban Marketing Limited in providing technology and know-how for markets outside Japan and in particular Australia, where there is strong potential for the growth of converged media solutions,” says Phil Chang, CEO of Sairis Group K.K. “We believe this partnership will bring additional value to our experience in providing real solutions for large, multi-national clients”.

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About Urban Marketing Limited
Urban Marketing Limited provides interactive converged media advertising and content delivery services through the Mobiactions® converged media platform. We enable advertisers and content owners to deliver interactive video content to mobile, online and outdoor digital channels either as part of an integrated advertising campaign, or to monetise their existing video content. Urban Marketing is based in Sydney, Australia.

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About Sairis Group K.K.
Sairis Group is one of Japan’s pre-eminent converged media technology development and mobile content delivery organisations, and the technical developer of the Mobiactions” converged media platform. Sairis Group has successfully run several integrated campaigns for globally recognisable brands like Toshiba, MasterCard, Paramount Pictures and Quicksilver. Sairis Group is based in Tokyo, Japan.


Sam Wilson
Urban Marketing