Sydney, Australia, 20th October 2010


Urban Marketing Limited to provide interactive outdoor advertising services for planned $100M World Discovery Solar Park under a recently signed agreement.

Urban Marketing Limited has received a letter of intent for the supply interactive services for the planned $100M World Discovery Theme Park to be built in Queensland. The World Discovery Solar Park will showcase the latest in eco-friendly technology from around the world sponsored by eco-friendly brands from multiple industries. Energy will be supplied to the park from roofing composed of solar panels which in turn will run interactive billboards, multimedia kiosks, lights and other infrastructure.

The agreement covers supply of the Mobiactions® advertising platform, search and selection of eco-friendly sponsors, technology selection and project support.

Urban Marketing Limited estimates the project will generate approximately $5-10M in revenue over the project life and will showcase the Mobiactions® converged media platform for potential advertisers and brands.

Urban Marketing will deliver eco-themed in-game and advertising content to a network of outdoor digital displays and multimedia kiosks within the theme park which visitors can play and interact with using their mobile phones or provided touch screens. The themed in-game & dynamic advertising will promote sponsors from automotive, energy, white goods and FMCG industries.

In-game advertising has been used by the likes of the US Presidential candidate Barrack Obama, FIFA, Lexus, The Ford Company across a range of game types and platforms. In-game advertising is especially good for targeting the 18-34 male demographic which since 2003 has been decreasing in TV viewing figures – part of which has been attributed to the uptake of gaming consoles.

Microsoft’s JJ Richards — general manager of in-game ad subsidiary Massive — has said the in-game advertising market is “thriving” and will reach $1 billion by 2014. A recent 2009 study by Microsoft of Bing advertising indicated:

  • 71 percent of gamers recalled seeing the Bing ads.
  • 60 percent of gamers had a more positive opinion of Bing after seeing the brand advertised in their games.

“With these huge recall and opinion figures we keen to gauge interest from Australian advertisers and sponsors alike – especially with eco-friendly products as we will be developing a raft of games and content specifically for the project.” Says Sam Wilson Urban Marketing’s CEO.

“Urban Marketing is greatly looking forward to providing its ground-breaking entertainment and advertising platform for this eco-friendly project. Incorporating advertising content into games is a perfect way to target consumers who are tired of traditional advertising. Our experience indicates we can connect with the consumer for the entire game time, anywhere from 15 seconds to 5 minutes. Try getting a consumer to look at a static billboard for longer than the average of 4 seconds and I’ll be impressed!” Says Wilson.

“You see the real trick is making the experience NOT advertising – make it a game and deliver something of value to the consumer. Our platform enables one-on-one brand engagement, all the while making the experience fun and unique. In-game advertising is definitely the way to go for targeting the tricky consumer demographic!”

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About Urban Marketing Limited
Urban Marketing Limited (UML) is a public company on the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB). Urban Marketing provides interactive converged media advertising and content delivery services through the Mobiactions® converged media platform. Mobiactions® enables advertisers and content owners to deliver interactive content to mobile, online and outdoor digital channels either as part of an integrated advertising campaign, or to monetise their existing video content. Urban Marketing is based in Sydney, Australia.

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Sam Wilson
Urban Marketing